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BIOSWEEP® UK Ltd. Official and unparalleled Air and Surface Decontamination

BioSweep UK Ltd provide services in decontamination, including the removal of odours, bacteria, viruses, VOCs, mould spores and fungal hyphae, long lasting anti-microbial treatments, mould remediation and air and surface sampling. 


Mr Dean

First class service, everything was explained from start to finish and was easy to understand. Really pleased with the results!

Kathy M.

After at least 2 years battling sinus infections & bronchitis including 5 straight months of high dose steroids & antibiotics.
We found black mold & removed it from our bathroom.

Richmond Hyundai

David was a great guy who explained the whole process and we will be using again!

J Carpenter

Very thorough and efficient. The treatment process was well explained to me and BioSweep UK staff were very helpful.

Scott Fitzgerald

We came in the following morning and could not smell any smoke odour whatsoever. It was awesome.
It’s like night and day, smells better than it ever did. We’re very happy with their work. I would recommend them to anybody.

Mrs Frank

My whole house smelt so clean after the BioSweep treatment.
The room that the fire had been in especially so. I was so pleased to have a cleaner than ever home!

Mrs Ashbrooke

Roark was extremely pleasant and very courteous.
All information about the treatment process was clearly explained.
Excellent service and a very good job done.
Thank you!